Barley beer was brewed on a territory of Estonia and Latvia already few thousand years ago and it was kept well alive during Livonian times. In the past, it was called liquid bread, because it is also made of grain and contains many calories. A lighter drink is kvass, but the best option for quenching thirst would be pure and tasty water from ancient sources.

Baltic countries have very old beer brewing traditions. There were times when beer was consumed more than water. There is dark and light, filtered and unfiltered beer. The taste of beer differs according to the ingredients added and their proportions: the beer is brewed from barley, malt, hops, and less commonly from wheat. The good taste of beer largely depends on good drinking water.

Seasoning of the wine with spices is a culinary heritage from Livonian times and spiced claret wine was highly valued in medieval Europe. At that time, wealthy townspeople could order spiced wine at a pharmacy, where the pharmacist prepared it. Nowadays during the cold seasons of autumn and winter, but especially around Christmas, pubs, street markets and homes are filled with the sweet aroma of mulled wine, cinnamon, cloves and orange peel.