ESTONIA: Label «Saaremaa Ehtne toode» (Authentic Saaremaa Product)

This regional origin label allows customers to easily identify original Saaremaa products in stores, at markets and in eateries.
Catering providers of Saaremaa region can use the label for the meals that are:

  • made with raw materials grown on Saaremaa and in the Baltic Sea (including forest produce and seafood);
  • made with Saaremaa raw materials carrying the label (for instance, juniper syrup, Mustjala mustard, various bakery products, cheese, Saare Smetana, etc.).

The label confirms that the product is produced in Saare county among pure Saaremaa nature, using labor and experience of Saaremaa people.
Restaurants add this regional origin label to the meals on their menus that are cooked mainly from local produce.

Source: Authentic Saaremaa Product