ESTONIA: Quality label «Viru Toit» (Viru Food)

Regional and quality label VIRU FOOD (VIRU TOIT) is issued to products produced in Virumaa that are of local origin, high quality, use natural materials and produced in an environmentally friendly way.

  • These can be products the main raw materials of which are of regional origin and at least 50% of ingredients of which are produced in Virumaa. As an exception, with regard to chocolate and chocolate-based products there is the requirement for 30% of ingredients to be of local origin. Products must be produced following local traditions or using unique recipes / manufacturing technologies.
  • It can be food offered by a caterer, where at least 50% of raw materials are of local origin. Where the main raw materials are not produced in the region or are not sufficiently available, raw materials can be brought from other parts of Estonia. At least 50% of products on menus must be prepared following local traditions or using unique recipes / manufacturing technologies.
  • Vegetables, fruits and berries are grown in the region and the products comply with EU standards for fresh fruits and vegetables. The company corresponds to the requirements with regard to following good agricultural practices.

Local products are to be preferred for use as supplementary materials in production of products and food. The following additives are prohibited: E104 –119, 121 -142, E151, E154 -E160B, E161G, E173-E200, E210, E220, E230,E242, E310, E320, E321, E338, E420, E620, E951. Use of raw materials that contain GMOs is also prohibited.

Source: Viru Food label