ESTONIA: Label «Põhja-Eesti kohalik toit» (North-Estonia local food)

The idea behind the Local Food of Northern Estonia (Põhja-Eesti kohalik toit) label is to support cooperation and networking between companies producing local Northern Estonian food, mark high-quality local produce with a recognizable label and help to form the image of the region by appreciating local food.

General requirements for local regional food products and services:
The company and the product are related to the region:
- the company produces raw materials or products for local food in the region of the label;
- at least 50% of raw materials are produced locally;
- there are exceptions with regard to raw materials that cannot be produced locally.

- use of raw materials that contain GMOs is prohibited;
- use ofcertain synthetic additives in raw materials or products is prohibited;

Ensuring local heritage:
- raw materials or products are of local heritage (recipe, technology, etc.).

Packaging for raw materials/products:
- informative character of packaging, proper shelf life and transportation safety of raw materials or products;
- environmentally friendly packaging.

Unique character of raw materials or products, hand-crafting traditions, healthy and innovative properties, etc.

You can learn more about the criteria and applying for the label as well as about the label owner on the website of Local Food of Northern Estonia.
Source: Local Food of Northern Estonia