ESTONIA - Gourmet Tour: Pärnu - Kihnu - Viljandi

Duration: 3 days
To whom: groups
Transportation: bus and cycling
Total length: 614 km driving, 15 km cycling

This three-day tour offers a variety of culinary experiences. A bus tour is combined with cycling on Kihnu Island to visit local farms and production facilities making unique foods from local ingredients. You will taste cider, fish, herbal teas, beer, dairy products, and pastries. You will visit traditional Estonian and Russian households to enjoy real home-made meals and experience local culinary heritage.

Driving: Tallinn - Kaelase - Lindi - Kõpu (~206 km)

Jaanihanso Siidrivabrik (Jaanihanso Cider House)
One of the most popular cider houses in Estonia, they show how they make cider, where they grow the apples. Produce tasting and a little shop.
Kapteni Talu (Captain´s Farm)
Lunch and visit at the Captain’s Farm, located directly by the sea. The captain's freshly caught fish is turned into delicious fish dishes that can be tasted and bought in the Captain's Summer Café.
Tiido-Tiiu Talu (Tiido-Tiiu Farm)
The property is located in the traditional fisherman's village, and local dishes and crafts are respected here. Guests are offered tasting of home-made products such as pickled Baltic herring rolls and jams. They also organise master classes for cooking and crafts, and introduce guests to rural life.
Vene Talu (Russian Farmyard)
The Russian farmyard is a small piece of Russian culture on an Estonian farm with a long and interesting history. You will see Russian folk costumes from various regions, traditional household tools and a collection of “samovars”. In the farmyard you will see an authentic Russian oven and a high, lace-like fence. The hosts also offer tea prepared in “samovar”, served with Russian gingerbread and ring-shaped cracknels (“baranki”).
Accommodation and Evening Meal in Maria Talu (Maria Farm)
The tourism farm is surrounded by nature. There are horses on the farm. Local food.

Driving: Kõpu - Munalaiu Port; Munalaiu Port - Tori (~73 km)

Cycling: 15,4 km
Drive to Munalaiu Port (~ 9 km)

Ferry to Kihnu Island (ferry ride ~ 1 h 05 min)

Cycling excursion with Kihnu Mare, the local hostess and guide (~ 5 km).
Kihnu Mare home visit
It is a traditional house exposing the island’s lifestyle and heritage. The farm offers traditional Kihnu Island dishes from home-grown vegetables and local fish.
Cycling to Kihnu lighthouse, (~ 2 km)
Kihnu lighthouse
Kihnu lighthouse is a striking iron structure, built in 1864 and offering spectacular views over the island. It is 29 metres high, with a winding internal staircase. At the top there is a narrow round-the-tower balcony.
Cycling to Kihnu Küek, (~ 6 km)
Lunch and fish cooking workshop at Kihnu Küek
Traditional Kihnu cooking and recipes, local produce.
Cycling to Kihnu Port, (~ 2.5 km)
Ferry to Munalaid Harbour
Bus to Klaara-Manni Puhke- ja Seminarikeskus (Klaara-Manni Holiday and Seminar Centre)
Accommodation and evening meal in Klaara-Manni Holiday and Seminar Centre
The cosy recreation and seminar centre Klaara-Manni is a family business. In the kitchen, traditional dishes are celebrated, many organic ingredients are grown, and guests can also visit the herb garden.

Driving: Tori - Viljandi - Karksi-Nuia - Tallinn (~335 km)

Tori Siidritalu (Tori Cider Farm)
The hosts grow their own apples, make their own award winning cider. A family owned business.
Energia Talu (Energy Farm)
A family owned business: they grow herbs and make a large variety of popular herbal teas.
Lunch at the Raudnaela Kõrts (Raudnaela Tavern)
A traditional tavern, pub foods.
Pajumäe Talu (Pajumäe Farm)
This small organic farm, located in the green Mulgimaa region, produces various dairy products. You will have the opportunity to look at all stages of milk production - from cows on the pastures to dairy processing. Produce tasting.
Mulgi Pruulikoda (Mulgi Brewery)
In the very heart of Mulgimaa there is a family brewery that respects local food and beverage traditions. Visitors can observe the beer making process and taste different sorts of Mulgi beer.
Drive to Tallinn.