Pärnu County

The menu of coastal folk and those living next to marshes has always depended on the specific features of the area as well as natural rhythms. In such locations, seafood has secured itself a place on the menu alongside field farming produce and what is foraged in the woods. The seasonal nature of food supply has ensured that the skill of making preserves and knowledge about how to use up every part of available raw produce has been passed from generation to generation.
The tastes most characteristic of Pärnu County, which make this area distinctive, are Baltic herring and cucumbers. Baltic herring is on the daily menu of coastal folk and at the same time he most titled Estonian fish, which has been crowned the country’s national fish: it is equally delicious when fried, salted or marinated. Locals are proud to know that most of Estonian national fish comes from Pärnu County. Cucumbers have been of vital importance for coastal residents for decades. A distinctive variety of cucumbers called “Tahkurannamurom” was developed by the county people, who also hold the Tahkuranna Cucumber Festival every year, attracting thousands of visitors. Pärnu County boasts numerous enthusiastic farmers who grow and actively promote local produce.
The food-related events of the area known as Romantic Beach Route have been making Pärnu County famous for years. The Soomaa (Marsh land) region, on the other hand, is well-known because there is the so-called fifth season of the year and the spring festival of pop-up cafés called “Two coffee circles around Soomaa”.

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